When it comes to very large and/or very urgent shipments, sometimes a charter is the only viable solution. A charter can take the form of either air or surface transport. Most common air charters are super size planes such as the Antonov 124 that allow for shipments of abnormally large machines or vehicles by air which could not otherwise fit on any other freighter aircraft. (Typically cargo over 110”=280 cm tall).

Charters in ocean transport are arranged for very large volumes of cargo (usually 5000 cubic meters or more) shipped at one time from the same place to the same destination. The advantage of charter (or part-charter) is that it allows for cost savings and commits a dedicated vessel between 2 ports that might not have been otherwise served on regular schedules.

Highland recently arranged a part charter vessel from Long Beach to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in order to achieve a 26 day port/port transit time that was not otherwise available. The total volume of the breakbulk cargo was only around 400 cubic meters, but it had a very tight deadline. By suggesting this charter solution, Highland saved the client 50% of the freight cost compared to airfreight.

A charter can also refer to chartering a river or lake barge.

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