Air Freight

Air freight is the quickest way to move goods around the world. Planes can get goods from one side of the planet to another within a matter of days.  When you add door service and customs clearance on each end, total transit time door to door can range from 2 to 5 days depending on […]

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the most economical way to move goods around the world.  With the advent of containers 50 years ago, shipping costs have been slashed by a factor of 100. Containers come in two basic sizes: 20 foot and 40 foot. However there are many variations on these such as: Standard containers (closed top, […]


Highland arranges trucking around the world in conjunction with international moves by air and ocean. Trucks are where almost every journey starts and ends. Our contracts with thousands of carriers worldwide assure competitive prices and wide selection. We only work with carriers adhering to strict safety standards and who have proven reliability record. Trucking can take […]


Highland uses rail transport as part of our international moves. Rail is very competitive on long distances (in USA generally over 500 miles). Thousands of export containers move by rail from inland rail depots to the ports and in the opposite direction for imports. Rail is often the only cost effective option to move very heavy pieces […]


River and coastal barges are an effective way of transport in many countries. Barges can transport containers, such as on the Rhine River in Germany, bringing thousands of containers daily from inland river hubs such as Dusseldorf to the port gateway of Antwerp. Barges can also carry oversize or bulk cargo.  In the USA, the Mississippi […]


When it comes to very large and/or very urgent shipments, sometimes a charter is the only viable solution. A charter can take the form of either air or surface transport. Most common air charters are super size planes such as the Antonov 124 that allow for shipments of abnormally large machines or vehicles by air which […]


Breakbulk cargo is referred to usually with oversize goods that are too large to fit in a container. Such cargo can then be shipped in several different ways: Options for static cargo (not on wheels or tracks, not drivable) Loaded on flat racks, properly braced, blocked and secured Loaded on mafis (flat rack like metal […]


Highland excels at handling large scale projects. This typically means shipping cargo from multiple countries around the world (often 30+) to a single destination for a construction or expansion of a plant. This can be in many different industries such as cement, energy, mining, oil & gas, solar, steel, wind, and others. Each project can […]

Customs Clearance

Highland can coordinate customs clearance with brokers in USA. We also arrange customs clearance in all other countries through our partners worldwide. We are familiar with and follow all customs rules and regulations. We guide each client through the process. With many DAP and DDP export shipments we will arrange clearance in most countries of the world, provide […]

Cargo Insurance

It is most important that every shipment carries full cargo insurance. Many companies mistakenly believe that in the event something happens, they can claim full value from the carrier. However carrier’s liability is severely limited, typically to USD 500 per unit shipped by ocean (1 unit is normally 1 container) and USD 20 per kg […]


Every shipment must be properly packaged for transit. For some goods, a cardboard box is OK if shipping by air. Large ocean shipments may require heavy duty wooden crates that can cost thousands of dollars. We arrange various types of packaging for clients around the world and it is important to consider the following in […]


*****   WAREHOUSE SPACE AVAILABLE !!!   ***** UPDATE  2021: USA is experiencing severe shortage of warehouse space.  We have our own warehouse in Londonderry, New Hampshire that offers 12000 square feet (1000 sq. meters) heated space. Our staff can personally check any cargo and documents. A separate locked, fully secured room of 900 square feet is […]


Our sister company Lumitrade, LLC provides trading services for export/import. Lumitrade can purchase and sell goods. Please contact one of our specialists to provide additional information on how you can improve your foreign sales or imports by using Lumitrade.

Triangle Shipments

World commerce is becoming increasingly global. It is no longer an exception, but rather the rule that companies and decision makers are located in one country while the product is manufactured in another and shipped to an end user in a third country. This is what is called a triangle transaction or shipment. Highland excels […]

Merge in Transit

Highland handles many orders where several different orders must be combined before shipping to the end user. If this combination is done in the same country (such as 3 suppliers all in USA), it is usually called “assembly”.  It is fairly easy to coordinate. But often the product sourcing is global, and we must combine […]


Carnet is a special document allowing for duty free transport of goods among many countries. It is issued and authorized by an insurance company and a Chamber of Commerce in accordance with the rules agreed upon by various participating countries. Not all countries recognize carnets, but most of the developed ones do. The Carnet must […]