What some of our customers say about us:


"Thank you for the excellent service and attention to detail"

— Mike, Shipper, Claremont, New Hampshire, USA

"I would like to thank you for your excellent service we have received from you. I have asked .... to recommend you to one of our customers that uses another freight forwarder (that has not provided well for us). Thanks again and I hope to be doing business with you more often"

— David, Shipper, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA

"I would like to recommend the following U.S. forwarding agent: Highland Forwarding, Inc. They have served [us] successfully for several years. We [in China] have benefited from their good service."

— Tom, Consignee, Wuxi, China

"I appreciate your effectiveness"

— Ed, General Electric, USA

"Thank you for the good work!"

— Ed, Shipper, Ashland, NH, USA

"It's great having Highland Forwarding doing a great job for us."

— Andrea, Consignee, LaCrosse, WI, USA

"Thank you for your assistance of long term. Your service is perfect."

— Zhu, Consignee, Shanghai, China

"It has been such a pleasure working with you. You always manage to follow up at all times and we really appreciate it.  Your company has shown such professionalism and it comes highly recommendable to anyone interested."

— Michael, Consignee, Jamaica

"Thanks again for all your help. This has been one of the smoother outport agent clearances I have done in years."

— Kathleen, Customs Broker, Texas, USA

"I am always amazed at how quickly you turn my requests around. Thank you so much for your outstanding support."

— John, Customer, New Ipswich, NH, USA

"It is a real pleasure doing business with you."

— Joyce, Customer, Atlanta, GA, USA

"Very well done. I feel always " in good hands" when I work with you."

— Gabriella, Customs broker, Italy

"I'd like to tell you that I'm happy to work together with you. You understand everything I ask you to do and carry out all the job in time and in a proper way.  Thank you very much!"

— Feodor, Consignee, Moscow, Russia

"Thank you. As always, your service is impeccable."

— Bob, Shipper, Massachusetts, USA

"We get first-rate, stellar service from Highland Forwarding."

— Jonathan, Shipper, Massachusetts, USA, USA

"It's so great that MESCA put me in touch with you guys (coincidentally right before our number of air shipments really started to escalate).  You've been such a great help to us."

— Maryann, Importer, Brattleboro, VT, USA

"I feel much better working with you on this project than with someone else."

— Bob, Shipper, Massachusetts, USA

"You guys are the best!"

— Vivian, Exporter, Milford, NH, USA

"Thank you for your efforts and continued excellent work."

— Paul, CEO of Exporter/Importer, Manchester, NH, USA

"Thank you very much for your information.  I have details for all our shipments in complete form and in time.  Highly appreciate your good cooperation."

— Anna, Consignee, Moscow, Russia

"Thank you for your prompt reply.  It is always a pleasure dealing with you since you are so fast and efficient."

— Chaitaly, Agent, Mumbai, India

"Thank you for your help; you do your job with professionalism mixed with a huge dose of patient hand-holding...and our client thinks we do some kind of magic here...grin...you are the magic!"

— Pat, Marketing Manager, Manchester, ME, USA

"It has again dawned on me how much I appreciate all of the hard work and fantastic service Highland provides.  Please let everyone know that of all the vendors I work with, if we gave a Vendor of the Year Award, it would have gone to you folks for two years running now.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  I have recommended Highland to numerous associates and will continue to do so."

— John, Product Manager, New Ipswich, NH, USA

"As you can see, we have been giving you more and more business. Everyone at Highland has been a joy to work with."

— Steve, Merchandise Production Manager, Woodstock, VT, USA

"Finally, I will ask [Highland] -our freight forwarder, to contact you about shipping your goods to Russia .  Highland Forwarding ships our [product] very frequently, and I think that their experience might help you save money and time.  Highland is the best freight forwarder in Boston, and their rates and service are excellent."

— Jon, Vice President, International Operations, Woburn, MA, USA

"Thanks for all your information. It's really good working with you guys as you provide everything necessary. I guess no-one ever says thank-you. Thanks very much"

— Steve, Freight Forwarding Agent, London, UK

"This [tracking update] is spectacular.  I want to invite you for a celebratory luncheon upon the completion of delivery."

— Michael, Project Manager, Boston, MA, USA

"You guys do a fabulous job and are incredibly responsive from my request for  service to the delivery at the destination, I know you've got us covered and that we are in good hands. I thank you for that, because that's one headache I don't have anymore!"

— Christy, Corporate Purchasing, Wilmington, MA, USA

"Below is a note from the project manager, Mike. It is very rare that we get positive feedback like this from our customer.  I want to thank you for the great job you and your staff at Highland Forwarding did with this project."

— Stephen, Export Manager, Boston, MA, USA

"Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it greatly. You guys are always right on top of things and very efficient. Thank you."

— Angela, Export Manager, Laconia, NH, USA

"As always, appreciate very much all that you do for us. Thanks!"

— Jane, Export Shipper, Gorham, NH, USA

"We appreciate the service. All of your people are very, VERY good."

— Doug, President of Exporting Company, Northwood, NH, USA

"Thank you very much..... I can say...... you are the Best One for all of USA !!"

— Jacques, Forwarding Agent, Paris, France

"Thank you.  I appreciate all  your work this week.  We had a couple of good[SHIPMENTS] and  you  handled them  perfectly as usual.  I am  sure I will be in touch soon."

— Angela, Exporter, Laconia, NH, USA

"Yes, Mike picked up the shipment yesterday afternoon with no problems what so ever.  I am very pleased with your service! Thanks again"

— Anne, Importer Manager, Dover, NH, USA

"Thank you so much for your quick response.  Our customer should be pleased with the shipping information.  Please forward this to your manager as I would like to thank you so much for your immediate responses to my inquiries.  Being in Customer Service is a stressful job and I always appreciate a thank you from my customers."

— Constantina, Manager of Customer Service, Derry, NH, USA

"Thanks for the [proof of delivery]. The client was very pleased with how this was handled and asked to pass on their thanks. Thank you very much for your help"

— Mark, Forwarding Agent, London, UK

"Hi, Fantastic! Thanks for the update and have a great weekend!"

— Bill, Logistics Manager, New York based shipper

"Thank you very much for the clarification, I really appreciate it.That's awesome!  Now you have more helps & I do really like working with [your new staff], she's a very upbeat & responsible employee you have there.Have a wonderful day, & thanks again for all your prompt assistance."

— Irene, Exporter, Miami, FL, USA

"You are really good at your job!  Nice work on this will call back when customer is ready to ship. Nice weekend!"

— Lisa, New York based exporter

"Latest Invoice and PL revision. We are in good hands, feeling secure. You do take care of us. We will have this equipment shipped out soon. Again, excuse us for this delay."

— Marina, Manager of Commercial Department, Moscow importer

"It's totally perfect now. Your service is impeccable. Again thank you for calling and taking care of us. Respectfully."

— Marina, Manager of Commercial Department, Moscow, Russia importer

"I am most happy to recommend Highland Forwarding. Please feel free to contact Highland Forwarding directly. We have found them to be EXCELLENT and you cannot go wrong using them to handle your shipments [from other suppliers in the USA]."

— Vivian, Exporter, New Hampshire, USA

"Thank you I appreciate your wonderful job [letting us know all flight details]. "

— Dmitri, Logistics Manager, Moscow, Russia

"[your export manager] - when she gets back [I want to meet her] as I have never meet her in person. I am impressed with her knowledge and ability."

— Bob, Exporter, Bedford, NH, USA

"Hi, thank you very much. I like your communication it is outstanding, I do appreciate it. Regards."

— Poomin Iris, California (US based shipper)

"Great job [delivering the container in 1 day from California to Texas before the plant would shut down]  Truck was unloaded at 09:45. Thanks everyone."

— Al, Production Manager Importer, Houston, TX, USA

"Thank you very much! The cargo arrived in Frankfurt just in time.It’s a big pleasure to cooperate with you!  Wish to you all the best!"

— Elena, Forwarding Agent, Ekaterinburg, Russia

"We have run more business with you this year than in year’s past, which is symbolic of the high level of service that you provide for us."

— Steve, Import Manager, Vermont, USA

"I know I'm in good hands, she is very organized and knowledgeable. Thanks for providing me with the service."

— Magda, Intl Sales Rep., Boston, MA, USA

"Thanks, everything arrived as scheduled. Thanks for the great service. My bosses are very pleased with Highland."

— Cindy, Importer, Vermont, USA

"I got the  call from my customer today informing that shipper liked your service very much and they would like to work with you for other traffic to Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan etc."

— Igor, Operations Manager, Forwarding Agent Kiev, Ukraine

"Thank you. You guys are great to work with."

— Ryan, University of Massachussetts, Boston, MA, USA

"You are always welcome. It’s actually we who need s to thank you. WLS Dammam sales team is so happy with your services and in time updates so you can expect us to contact you for our future businesses too."

— Saneesh, Forwarding Agent Manager, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

"Just wanted to let you know that everything went really smoothly. All paperwork was perfect. Please give Artem a gold star."

— Irene, Export Manager, Chicago, IL, USA

"You are a very good partner because of your professionalism but also personally… you have to know that we hold you in great esteem…"

— Nuria, Freight Agent, Barcelona, Spain

"Your efficiency is astounding!"

— Michelle, Exporter, Bath, NH USA

"Wow! So fast! Thanks a lot! :)"

— Kalila, Exporter, New Hampshire, USA

"Thank you.  You have more information in your email to me, with copies of documents, than the shipper and both trucking companies were able to provide to me.   I didn't even know where the freight was until today.   I appreciate your professionalism, expertise and thoroughness!!"

— Beverly, Importer Murrisville, PA, USA

"Thank you , I feel good having you take care of us."

— Frank, Importer, Boston, MA, USA

"Good morning. Thanks. So refreshing to be reminded that in such imperfect world there is such a perfect forwarder! Best Regards."

— Julia, Exporter, New Hampshire, USA

"Thank you!  The machine arrived yesterday.  Thank you for taking care of this for us.  It’s nice working with people who just “make it happen"."

— Joni, Importer, New Hampshire, USA

"I can not leave the office for the weekend without telling you this. You must be very proud of your staff in general and with good reason, if you ask me. Because of how you approached my inquiry regarding shipping of a disassembled airplane in a 40’dc, I was able to secure the booking solely  on excellent service and thorough knowledge. The customer told me specifically that price was too expensive, but he did not for a second doubt that I had thought of every little detail regarding this shipment. So he accepted my quote. I could not have secured the shipment  AT ALL if it wasn’t for your staff and the way they have thought of everything at end destination. It made my sale so much easier and left me with a good feeling that things were under control."

— Karina, Forwarding Agent, Denmark

"This email is long overdue… My company has been working with your team at Highland Forwarding for about three years now for our forwarding and/or customs needs. We have done many international shipping projects with pickups and deliveries all over the world. Some of these projects have had some unique challenges to say the least. Through all of these projects and challenges your team has excelled way beyond any reasonable expectation. I can say, without reservation, that Highland is the best forwarding company that I've dealt with. No one else comes close…Dealing with [your employees] has been such a pleasure. When I'm working on a shipping project I have every confidence that it is being handled properly and competently. I appreciate the  "Can Do" attitude and  willingness to do whatever is necessary for a successful shipment."

— Jon, Logistics Manager Manchester, NH, USA

"Highland is by far the best freight forwarder I have ever worked with in my career."

— Chris, Importer, VT, USA

"Thank you so very much for your help and your promptness. I cannot even tell you how much easier it has been working with you vs. our other logistic companies."

— Billie, Importer, Londonderry, NH, USA

"As always, appreciate very much all that you do for us. Thanks!"

— Jane, Export Shipper, Gorham, NH

"Thanks so much! I wish you were our forwarder for all of Europe! You are so thorough!"

— Brittany, Export Specialist, General Electric